How To Clean A Garbage Disposal with Ice.

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Just like most other appliances in our home, garbage disposals also need routine cleanings in order to keep them operating in pristine condition. But, how do you clean a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals do a pretty dirty job. Food particles and residue can get stuck in the garbage disposal causing it to not work as it is intended and sometimes this can cause a pretty bad smell.

But not to worry, here you will learn how to clean a garbage disposal with ice.


Have you ever gone to wash your dishes and you catch a whiff of that nasty sewage like smell from your garbage disposal?

This foul odor can not only be unpleasant but if left uncleaned, can also create real damage to your garbage disposal.

Little did you know that a FREE solution is sitting right in your freezer. ICE!!!

Ice will not only keep your garbage disposal clean, but it will also sharpen the garbage disposal’s blades.

And sharp blades are vital when it comes to breaking down food particles and waste.

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal with Ice:

1. Get Your Ice

• Fill up about 5 cups of ice.

• With the disposal OFF and no water running, throw the ice down the drain until the drain is full. Note that it’s okay if the ice spills out, you actually want that.

• For an extra boost of cleaning power you can add a tablet of Affresh Cleaner to the ice. This cleaning tablet can help loosen old and unwanted grease from your garbage disposal blades and internal mechanisms.

2. Slow Stream Of Water

• Turn on the faucet water slightly. You want a slow stream of water, just enough to go down the drain steadily but not too much to melt the ice fast.

• Now, with the water still on, turn on the garbage disposal.

• While the blades crush and break the ice it will be a little loud but that’s okay, there is nothing to worry about.

3. Crush Some Ice!

• With the disposal on and the stream of water slightly on and going down the drain, keep putting more ice down the drain.  The ice will start to crush and it will fill up the drain.

DO NOT PANIC if it looks like the water is not going down, just let it keep running for a few more seconds.

The crushed ice will start pouring back out of the drain and you will notice that the water is coming out brown and dirty.

This dirty water is what’s causing the nasty smell… Gross!

You are getting rid of all that dirt inside the disposal and sharpening the blades at the same time. The ice will act as a sharpener for the garbage disposal’s blades.


See our troubleshooting tips to get your garbage disposal working again without calling a plumber.

4. More Water… More!!

• Now, with the garbage disposal still on, turn the water on full blast. The ice will start to melt and everything will start going down the drain.

• Turn the disposal on and off and couple of times until the dirty water is gone and the water is draining as it should.

And that’s it! The garbage disposal’s blades are now sharpened and clean of debris.

No more nasty smell.

But how to you keep that smell from coming back?

Keep reading!

How to Keep your Garbage Disposal Clean

While misconceptions lead us to believe that we can toss all kinds of foods down the garbage disposal. These appliances are not meant to grind up or destroy big particles of food like bones, fruit pits, uncooked vegetables, pasta or rice.

Some of these types of foods, if thrown down the garbage disposal can jam, clog or potentially break your unit.

That’s why the best solution is to get a drain guard that can stop big particles of food from going down the drain.

A drain guard can also stop things like eating utensils or even jewelry from going down the drain. These things can potentially break or clog the garbage disposal. Causing a bigger problem. 

This is our favorite garbage disposal drain guard. 

 We hope these tips helped you learn how to clean a garbage disposal with ice and to keep your garbage disposal clean. If it did, please share this quick tip with your friends and family.

Until next time!

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