How to Clean a Ceiling Fan Without Making a Mess.

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Our homes continuously need dusting, and ceiling fans are no exception. But what’s the best way to clean a ceiling fan without getting dust everywhere? 

Ceiling fans are notorious for attracting a large build up of dust and when it comes to cleaning them, sometimes they can be pretty tricky.

However, cleaning your ceiling fan is a necessary task that needs to be added to your cleaning routine. Specially when they have been turned off for a while.

That’s because changes in seasonal temperatures can lead to longer periods of time when the fan is not in use.

And the longer it sits uncleaned, the more dust and allergens it collects and this can affect your health. 

Using a ceiling fan with dust buildup can lead to spreading dust and allergens all over your couch, tables, carpet or floor, even if you don’t see it.

That why we have compiled the best tricks that can help you learn how clean a ceiling fan more often and without spreading dust all over your home.

Here are the best tricks to clean your ceiling fan without getting dust everywhere:

1. Use An Old Pillowcase to Clean the Ceiling Fan Blades

We all have an old pillowcase that we never use, or think of using.

Pillowcases are the perfect tool to clean a ceiling fan without getting dust all over yourself, because they trap the dust inside and they are easy to clean afterwards. Just simply pop them in the washer. 

Here is how to use this trick:

1. Turn the fan OFF!! But you knew that… right?

2. Slide the ceiling fan blade inside of the pillowcase. 

3. With the pillowcase over the blade, use both hands to capture all the dust build up from the blade into the pillowcase, making sure all dust particles stay inside. 

4. Repeat the previous step for each blade of the fan. Try to avoid spinning the fan too fast since at this point there could still be loose dust hanging on.

5. Lastly, with a duster, disinfecting wipe or damp paper towel, clean off each blade in order to remove all of the left over dust. 

And that’s it. Simple enough.

Oh, and if you don’t have an old pillowcase or simply want to up your ceiling fan cleaning game, check out the Fanbladecleaner Ceiling Fan Duster 100% Microfiber. 


3. Use a ceiling fan duster.

Maybe your ceiling fan is very high off the ground or it has hard to clean blades?

Maybe you are not able to climb a ladder or step stool in order to get to the blades?

In this case, a ceiling fan duster may be your best option.

When used properly, these dusters can help you get the job done very quickly and effortlessly without spreading dust everywhere.  

These are the best ceiling fan dusters available:

Best Overall 

With 5 out of 5 stars, the DOCAPOLE is the ultimate high reach ceiling fan dusting kit.

Here is why:

  • 20 feet of reach to make your home or office dust free
  • Kit includes a 5 to 12 foot extension pole with 180 degree hinge tip, cobweb duster, microfiber feather duster, and a chenille microfiber flex-and-stay ceiling fan duster
  • SCRATCH-FREE MICROFIBER TECHNOLOGY – ensures effective dust and dirt removal while protecting your cleaning surfaces; clean bookshelves, bookcases, high ceiling fans, pianos, chandeliers and other light fixtures, vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, rafters, high window sills and mantles, and more.
  • EASILY WASHABLE DUSTING ATTACHMENTS – both the microfiber feather duster and ceiling fan duster feature removable dusting components for easy washing; the cobweb duster is easily cleaned by rinsing in water and detergent.
  •  12 FOOT TELESCOPIC POLE – the 5-12 foot high-quality, light-weight aluminum extension pole is a high-quality, premium telescopic pole featuring a solid metal tip + a screw-on
  • MULTI-USE EXTENSION POLE.  Perfect for people that need to clean a ceiling fan on a high ceiling.


Blade Maid duster is our second best option. Here is why:

  • Its pads have dense microfiber chenille “Maid Fingers” and a microfiber base pad that attracts and trap dust and allergens.
  • The patented design easily fit around the fan blade thereby locking the blade in place and ensuring it will not spin away or need to be chased during cleaning.
  • The pads are secured by industrial strength Velcro, are removable and washable. Blade Maid pads can be used on all surfaces.


Fanbladecleaner Ceiling Fan Duster 100% Microfiber. 

If you don’t have an old pillowcase or simply don’t want to use one, this is a good alternative.

  • Machine washable.
  • Made of thick plush microfiber material.
  • Easy to clean, use it over and over.