How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

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Soft, beautiful carpet can make a room look attractive, comfy and elegant at the same time. But, overtime the carpet can start getting dirty, stained and old, making the room look dated and unappealing.

So how often should you clean your carpet in order to keep that room looking pristine for many years?

As you probably know, keeping your home clean and fresh takes a lot of work. That includes your carpeting.

But with simple care and a good cleaning routine, your carpet can look fresh and clean all year round.

Having clean carpets is not only about looks, it’s also about hygiene and ultimately, your HEALTH.

Carpets can attract dust, dirt, odors and allergens that could affect your health by creating an invisible cloud of particles that you can breathe in anytime you walk into the room. 

So the big question is…

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

General professional advice recommends for you to deep clean your carpets every year to a year and a half. That includes hot water extraction or steam cleaning, either done professionally or done by yourself. Additionally, this includes regular vacuuming of the entire carpet surface, once or twice per week. But there are other things to consider when thinking about the frequency in which you deep clean your carpets. Things like:

  • Foot traffic
  • Pets 
  • Kids
  • Number of household members
  • Smoking
  • Carpet Warranty

All of these things can affect areas of your home differently. There are spaces that see more traffic than others. Like the hallway entrance, living room, kids playroom or the master bedroom. These areas will need to be more regularly vacuumed and deep cleaned.

If you have pets, specially pets that can shed a lot of hair, or kids that are constantly going in and out of your house. This can increase the amount of allergens and dirt that can be brought into the house and get trapped under the carpet’s surface. Making a more regular deep cleaning necessary.

Do you host people or have parties often? Do you or someone in the household smoke? Do you have a large family?

Something else to think about… Warranties!

If you have recently installed new carpeting, it most likely came with a warranty. It is important to check the documentation as it will show the care and maintenance requirements in order to keep that warranty active. In most cases, it will ask for a professional cleaning at least once a year. Double check and make sure you follow the required schedule.

Again, these things can all increase the necessity for more deep cleanings done more often.

Checkout the table below for easy reference.

What Is The Best Way To Deep Clean Carpet On A Budget?

One of our missions at You vs Home is to help homeowners save money on simple daily tasks. So now that you know how often you should clean your carpet…

What is the best way to deep clean carpet on a budget?

First, let’s define what it means to deep clean your carpets.

There are many different ways to clean your carpeting other than vacuuming.

Because vacuuming only extracts dust and dirt from the top layer of the carpet, it is necessary to clean below that layer and extract dust, dirt and allergens from the bottom layers of the carpet.

The true way to deep clean your carpets is to do what is called as a Hot Water Extraction or most commonly known as steam cleaning.

What Is Hot Water Extraction?

This type of carpet cleaning uses a machine that will spray high pressure water, combined with a cleaning solution. The water and the cleaning agent will work at the bottom layers of the carpet by loosening dirt and stains. The machine will then at the same time, extract the dirty water from the carpet, thus removing all of those nasty and unpleasant things that could make your carpet have bad odors, look old, and ultimately make your room look unpleasant.

You have two choices to get this done.

Hire A Professional

You can hire a professional company to do the cleaning or you can rent a Hot Water Extraction machine yourself.

A professional company will be the pricier option but it does come with some added benefits.

• Commercial grade equipment.
• You don’t have to do the work. A time saver and a sweat saver! 
• Most times, they have more commercial grade cleaning solutions that will remove the harder stains.
• Guarantees.

Do It Yourself!

Now, if you are up to the task of doing the cleaning yourself, it does come with a little more sweat and work, but it will definitely save you some bucks. These are the benefits:

• Great money savings. Machine rentals can run from $30 to $60 depending on how long you are looking to rent for.
• Complete your entire home without breaking the bank. Did we mention great money savings?
• You can focus on specific areas of your home and you can do extra work on those hard-to-get stains.
• You can make your own cleaning solutions for increased savings and potential cleaning power. (Keep reading for two awesome DIY cleaning solutions.)
• If you don’t want harmful chemicals in your home, you can create an all-natural cleaning solution that will do the job as well as the chemicals. (Again, keep reading for a great all-natural solution recipe.)

So, whether you are going with the professionals or you chose to do it yourself, keep in mind that this is an investment for the long-term health of your home and ultimately yourself.

How To Make Your Own Homemade Cleaner For Carpets

Now, if you chose to take the project yourself and get this done. We believe in you, so for that, we have listed two great carpet cleaning solution recipes that will work as well, if not better, than the expensive solutions at the store.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution

These items can be purchased at any grocery/department store, Dollar Store or online via Amazon.

• 1 Gallon of Hot Water (Not Boiling)
• 2 to 2 1/2 Tbsp. of laundry detergent. Preferably “he” as it will make less foam 
• 1 Scoop of OxyClean or generic brand like La’s Totally Awesome Oxygen Base Cleaner
• 1 ¼ Cups of La’s Awesome Cleaning Solution – Concentrated

Mix these items thoroughly in a gallon jug or bucket.

Once thoroughly mixed, fill up your machine’s reservoir to the specified level.

And you’re ready to go. Clean away!

Natural Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution

For those of you more concerned with chemicals and the potential harms from those chemicals. We have made some changes to the recipe in order to make it all natural.

• 1 Gallon of Hot Water (Not Boiling)
• 4 Tbsp. of White Vinegar 
• 4 Tbsp. of Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus Dish Liquid Soap
• For added cleaning power you can use 1/2 cup of Peroxide but it is not necessary. 

Follow the same mixing instructions from the recipe above and your are ready to have a clean carpet. 

We hope these tips helped you get one step closer to CONQUERING YOUR HOME! Leave us a comment and let us know any other tricks and tips that you do to clean your carpets.. Until next time!  

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