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Do Blackout Curtains Save Energy? Complete Guide

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When searching for the perfect curtain you may want to consider a blackout curtain. Often thought of as chunky, stiff and black colored, those misconceptions couldn’t be more wrong. Not only they look great and stop light from coming in, but they have many more benefits; Including energy savings!
Whether you’re a light sleeper, a night shift worker or looking potentially up your energy saving game – blackout curtains might be exactly what you’re looking to purchase. In that case, we have done the work in order to help you choose the best blackout curtain for you. Check these out!!

Best Overall


NICETOWN 100% Blackout With fifteen color selections and nine sizes to choose from, these blackout curtains are not only designed to make your room look nice and elegant but also help you save energy and keep your room’s temperature ideal. Features:
  • Easy install: With elegant 1.6-inch inner diameter grommet. Fits most curtain rods.
  • 100% Blackout and Thermal Insulation: The black lining backing gives these drapes a 100% sunlight and UV ray protection for enhanced energy savings.
  • Noise Reducing: The heavyweight liner absorbs sound 2-times higher than ordinary curtains.
  • Easy care: Machine washable.
  • Two Layers of Triple Weave Fabric: For added temperature, noise and privacy protection.

Best Runner-up


NICETOWN 90% Blackout

With twenty color selections and eight sizes to choose from, these blackout curtains deliver 90% blackout without compromising your room’s appearance. Features:
  • Easy install: With 1.6-inch inner diameter grommet. Fits most curtain rods.
  • 90% Blackout and Thermal Insulation: Although both sides of the curtain are the same color, the 100% polyester still gives these drapes thermal insulation, sunlight protection and UV ray protection for energy efficiency.
  • Noise Reducing: Its heavyweight design absorbs sound to keep the room quiet.
  • Easy care: Machine washable and fade resistant.

    Best Budget Friendly


    BGment Blackout Curtains

    Good quality blackout curtains don’t necessarily mean shelling out the big bucks. With twenty-seven color selections and seven sizes to choose from, these blackout curtains deliver anywhere from 85% to 99% blackout, depending on the desired color. Features:
    • Easy install: Grommet design fits most curtain rods.
    • 85-99% Blackout and Thermal Insulation: With darker colors delivering improved light coverage.
    • Noise Reducing: One layer of triple weave fabric helps reduce noise levels.
    • Easy care: Machine washable.

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      What are Blackout Curtains?

      Blackout curtains provide window coverage like most everyday curtains but with an added bonus. Built with additional materials and fabrics, a blackout curtain is a window framing curtain that helps block out noise, can help temperature control within your home and can blocks outside light from coming through the curtain and into your home. Another fun quality to blackout curtains is that not only do they keep light from coming in and damper outside sound, but they also provide added privacy to your rooms. 

      How Do Blackout Curtains Save Energy in Your Home?

      Blackout curtains are not only efficient but energy saving as well. The triple weave fabric used to build these curtains create an energy-saving insulating barrier against heat and cold. This is extremely effective because it keeps your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. While still having an appealing aesthetic and built in many different styles, the triple weave fabric also creates a barrier to block out harmful UV rays. Something particularly important if your rooms are facing in the direction of the sun and are constantly hit with the heat from UV rays emitted by the sun. Specially during the summer months.

      What to Look for when Shopping for Blackout Curtains

      Blackout curtains are not a ‘one size fits all’ type of curtain. There are a few different fabric choices you want to look for to see what suits your needs best. Below we will highlight the different types of blackout curtain fabrics.

      Blackout-Lined: These use heavier polyester that will achieve a full blackout but the curtain will be stiffer.

      Foam-Backed: These cannot guarantee a full blackout but have the outside appearance of normal curtains.

      Privacy-Lined: These use a polyester and cotton weave to filter light out and keep the softness of the curtain.

      Thermal-Lined: These use heat trapping fabrics to help temperature control but cannot guarantee complete blackout.

      Depending on what your current needs are, you’ll want to pay close attention to the type of blackout curtain you purchase. They range from soft filtering light to complete and full blackout.

      The word blackout may be a deterrent to you when purchasing curtains, but don’t let that stop you from taking a look. Blackout does not have to mean black, or even dark fabrics for that matter! There are a wide range of blackout curtains that will match your décor and still give you the energy-saving and light blocking features you desire 

      How to Measure Your Window to Fit a Curtain

      When measuring your window in order to figure out your curtain size and rod length you want to measure both the height and width of the window.


      • Starting at the floor, measure up to the very top of the window frame.
      • Now you have to calculate the additional length at the top in order to account for the placement of the hanging rod. This will depend on the length size of the curtain that you may be considering and the desired space at the bottom of the curtain. Most typically, curtains hang flush or slightly higher from the ground, however, this is your preference.


      • Measure the entire width of the window frame.
      • With the measurement in hand you will have to add additional inches to both the right and left side of the window in order to account for light coverage. Normally, you will add 4-6 inches to each side, however, this depends on your preference.
      We hope this guide helped you make a great decision in selecting the best blackout curtains to improve your energy savings. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments.

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